Spectacular Snow

If you missed the recent snow at Bear Lake Reserve, keep reading for an update and some beautiful photos taken by our homeowner, Diane White!  Winter is a great time to visit Bear Lake Reserve – the views are wide open.  Call us today to book your Discovery Visit!

Written by Diane Genaro White

Since my husband, Charlie, and I enjoy coming to Bear Lake Reserve all throughout the year we have been waiting for months for the Big Snowfall of the season.

We were prepared with a cord of wood, as one of the most delightful things for us is to have a fire burning in the fireplace from the time we get up until we go to bed at night.  A stack of books were ready to read, and the refrigerator and freezer were filled with our favorite food.  We really enjoy cooking when it is cozy inside as we watch the snow falling.

We had videos to watch and notes to write and naps to take.

We certainly were thrilled when we experienced the snow last week.  Days and days of snow falling and no wind, so it was like being inside a snow globe!  When the snow stopped and we were able to explore, the views at BLR just unfolded one after another before us with a fresh blanket of snow.  Just spectacular, and so inspiring.

A drive to The Lake Club passing by huge icicles intermixed with ferns, moss and rock was gorgeous.  The long range views breathtaking and the lake views so calm and peaceful.

Our little dog, Maggie, on the other hand is a bit confused when it snows.  It is however fun to see her discover what has covered “her” yard.

If you get the chance to experience BLR during the winter, I would encourage you to to take the opportunity to sit back and rediscover the beauty and peace and quiet.