Announcing a New Position at Bear Lake Reserve: Property Director

Bear Lake Reserve officially has a Property Director! And who better to take on this position then BLR Veteran Brandon. Brandon has over 13 years of experience working at Bear Lake and knows the property like the back of his hand. In the interview below Brandon shares with you a little more about his new position, himself and what he is most looking forward to for the 2018 season.

Please explain your new manager role for 2018.  

As Property Director it will be my job to ensure consistency and accountability across the entire property and all departments with a focus on maintenance and facilities/equipment. I will work closely with both the HOA and the Club to make sure that our Owners and Guests experience the same great property from the time they pull into the front gate all the way through to the club or golf course. I will also still be heading up projects onsite like Broadband or the Lake Forest Extension and will remain active with all development onsite.

What are you most excited about for BLR 2018 season? 

I am looking forward to the 2018 Season because of the upcoming release of  Bear Lake’s own broadband service.  I have been working on this project since early 2017 and am excited to bring High Speed Internet to our property both for our owners/guests and business.

Please tell us about the New Bear Essentials program?  

Bear Essentials Home Services is a new way to address an old problem.  Who do you call to change a smoke detector  battery that you need a 20ft+ ladder for? How do you take care of your home when you are not here in the winter?  All you have to do is give Bear Essentials a call.  Bear Essentials is here to address all of those issues with your home that are too small for a contractor or too big for a DIY’er and everything in between.  We will be offering a complete menu of services with competitive pricing in Spring 2018.

Anything else you would like owners to know?

I serve on Both the Owners Association Board of Directors for Bear Lake and am a member of the Architectural Review Board. I also am a Ordained Minister and have performed over 20 weddings at Bear Lake Reserve, I am a Notary Public for Jackson County, I am an Eagle Scout and have my Private Pilot’s License.